T.O.T.Week: feeling blue

Disclaimer: This title was not inspired by the fact that today’s blog square is blue. Okay, maybe it was. But only the teeniest, miniscule-ist, littlest bit! 🙂 We have got to stop apologizing for when we cry. This is a hill that I have stood on and will continue to shout from the rooftops forContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: feeling blue”

T.O.T.Week: the unimaginable

There I was, finally, a seat at the big kid’s table. I’ve only been literacy department chair for a month, and as if I wasn’t already feeling woefully inadequate, the head of our school didn’t look pleased. Sitting around the table with the other department chairs, she wanted our input on the best way to develop, extend,Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: the unimaginable”

T.O.T.Week: roads taken and not

I’ve got an anecdote for you. I was recently sitting around a campfire with a bunch of people when someone raised a question. “Would you rather stay at the age you are now, with the life you have now, or have the knowledge you have now but the life you had ten years ago?” PerhapsContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: roads taken and not”

T.O.T.Week: back to school

Teachers steal – ahem, borrow – ideas all of the time. Have you never joined the queue for the latest TpT (Teachers pay Teachers) sale? I bring it up because I might have engaged in a bit of thievery myself this past week. I had been searching for a new bookshelf for about three weeks,Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: back to school”

T.O.T.Week: an ode to lighthouses

One if by land, two if by sea. Lighthouses have long personified romantic sensibilities, prospects of discovery, beacons of hope, and the towering calm against the rough and tumble of the sea. You simply cannot help but gaze at a lighthouse. These beautifully weathered and historic structures simultaneously blend in and stand out amongst theirContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: an ode to lighthouses”

T.O.T.Week: advice books that aren’t advice books

This will probably surprise no one, but I am not very good at asking for help. Color me invincible, I’d like to think. Meanwhile, I cajole and assure my fourth graders that there is never shame in asking for help, that it’s a sign of strength. So, I need to practice what I preach, right?Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: advice books that aren’t advice books”

T.O.T.Week: hiatus

Hello, hello! It’s been a while since I wrote a post for the blog, and if I’m being honest, I kind of the break. I had always promised myself that this was a passion project, meant to be fun, and never meant to feel like homework. So, while May and June were a beautiful whirlwind,Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: hiatus”

T.O.T.Week: root (root) for the underdog

I did something completely unexpected this weekend! I went to a Red Sox game. Then, I did something even more unexpected! I posted about it on my Instagram story. It is at this point that I should probably mention two things (1) that sports aren’t really my vibe, and (2) that I never really postContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: root (root) for the underdog”

T.O.T.Week: the art of the craft

My mother is my biggest fan. Okay, wait, she’s also my sister Lacy’s biggest fan. And, yep, she’s also my brother Cory’s biggest fan. Well, also, she’s my brother Rory’s biggest fan. Now, before my father starts to feel left out, I might remind him that this is a Mother’s Day post… and we’re celebratingContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: the art of the craft”