T.O.T.Week: play on words

I’ll keep this b-r-i-e-f because in between spring narratives and student essay edits, all I’ve focused on lately are w-o-r-d-s. A huge aspect of my love for literature is tied to my love for words. Whether I am selecting my latest S-c-r-a-b-b-l-e word, smiling at a m-e-m-o-r-y unlocked by a turn of p-h-r-a-s-e, pointing outContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: play on words”

T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings

I won’t lie, this one freaked me out a bit. Eggers write a dystopian novel about a girl named Mae who joins an Internet company, placing a spotlight on privacy, communication, and social media. Yet some of it didn’t feel so far from reality… what we choose to put out there in the world andContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings”

T.O.T.Week: the what ifs?

One of the most entertaining (and, if you’re not careful, slightly dangerous) aspects of being a teacher is that the kids start to parrot the things that you say. Some of them have got my mannerisms down pat, right down to “the face” I make when I’m trying to be stern or the way IContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: the what ifs?”

T.O.T.Week: art history’s mystery

When I was a student during my study abroad year in London, I had one of those stereotypical British Art History professors, crotchety down to core of his sweater argyle vests. He touted that stiff-upper-lip that gave nothing away but an occasional use of the word “dunderheads,” used to describe either us college miscreants orContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: art history’s mystery”

T.O.T.Week: judy blume

I know, I know, we are getting a plethora of Judy content right now – but isn’t it high time the woman had her moment? Time Magazine’s Influential that’s for damn sure. There is not a single contemporary of mine who doesn’t hear her name and say, “Oh I loved her books when I wasContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: judy blume”

T.O.T.Week: love watch

In my adolescence, going through my mandatory phase of indifference, the swelling chords of a final rom com kiss scene, books or movies, made me want to gag. She’s running through the terminal! Will Love Interest X be there there? Is it too late? Well, of course it’s not. There’s a formula, people. Then cameContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: love watch”

T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings

It’s April, and you all know that means #poetrymonth! I love every bit of observational voice, verse inspired by reality, and one liners annotated to the bone. Here are my top four verse collections, have at them: 📖 Please read the lyrical prose of Amanda Gorman’s Change Sings picture book. You will not regret it. 📖Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings”

T.O.T.Week: it’s the little things

2023 has not gotten off to the greatest start, I’ll keep it at that. In keeping true to myself, how I’ve chosen to process all of these feelings of heartbreak and uncertainty and loneliness (other then burrowing them deep into my impenetrable force field of suppression until I’m ready to burst) is by reading lotsContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: it’s the little things”

T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings

A few months ago, my school had the honor of hosting Jason Chin on his debut tour for The Universe in You. Aside from the fact that the book is jaw-droppingly gorgeous (and mine is signed!) we had an opportunity to hear about his research process, which sounded both detailed and extensive. This nonfiction pictureContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings”

T.O.T.Week: creative outlets (baking)

My boyfriend and I enjoy cooking dinner together, and I’d like to think we do it up right! We light candles, get the Spotify playlist going, and try not to make too much of a mess. You also couldn’t find a more apropos metaphor for our relationship dynamic, which he pointed out as I painstakinglyContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: creative outlets (baking)”