T.O.T.Week: roads taken and not

I’ve got an anecdote for you. I was recently sitting around a campfire with a bunch of people when someone raised a question. “Would you rather stay at the age you are now, with the life you have now, or have the knowledge you have now but the life you had ten years ago?” PerhapsContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: roads taken and not”

T.O.T.Week: root (root) for the underdog

I did something completely unexpected this weekend! I went to a Red Sox game. Then, I did something even more unexpected! I posted about it on my Instagram story. It is at this point that I should probably mention two things (1) that sports aren’t really my vibe, and (2) that I never really postContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: root (root) for the underdog”

T.O.T.Week: creative outlets (cooking)

For so many years, I couldn’t justify the time that it took to make a simple egg sandwich at the expense of the ever-expanding urgency of my to-do list. All of the preparation, all of the clean up, all of the potential mishaps (NEVER put pita in the toaster), just for twenty minutes of myContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: creative outlets (cooking)”