T.O.T.Week: unhealthy relationships

When it really comes down to it, teaching is just trying to impart wisdom to the next generation so that they’re not doomed to repeat our mistakes. I’m really speaking to anyone with the responsibility of a youth’s understanding of this world. At school, when we introduce these social-emotional communication and regulation skills, they requireContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: unhealthy relationships”

T.O.T.Week: best friends

Nothing is more important to a ten-year-old than having a best friend. This is the golden ticket for opportunities like inside jokes, matching outfits, and in the year 2022, FaceTime chats. Spring fever has hit my classroom, and the social dynamics are front and center. I hate to stereotype by a binary gender, yet fromContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: best friends”