T.O.T.Week: grabbing your spotlight

It’s a pretty common parental trope – My kid is shy, so how about some theater classes, dance troupes, or singing lessons to pull them out of their shell? My grandpa used to chuckle in reference to the way I would enter family gatherings – he referred to it as “walking in the room backwards.”Continue reading “T.O.T.Week: grabbing your spotlight”

T.O.T.Week: schooling

How could I not focus my first ever blog post on this topic? Sure, if there was ever a year to ponder the nature of education, schooling, teaching, and learning, this would be it. I have to imagine that Maria Montessori, Paulo Freire, Adeline Tell (my paternal grandmother and a former educator), and even myContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: schooling”

T.O.T.Week: blurring fantasy/reality

I was hellaciously bad at softball. Hand-eye coordination has never really been my strength, but at least I can hold my own in some other athletic endeavors. (For my brothers scoffing at this – remember that I’m the only one in the family who has run a half marathon). Back to softball – that wasContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: blurring fantasy/reality”

T.O.T.Week: boys are always fine

Over the course of 10 summers in the heavenly oasis that is Maine, I spent seven years on the administrative team at an all-boys sleepaway camp. In an ironic plot twist, I then spent the following three years as Assistant Director at an all-girls sleepaway camp, the ‘sister’ camp. As you can imagine, there wasContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: boys are always fine”

T.O.T.Week: perfectionism (ick)

How to spot the seasoned teacher from the second year teacher: a tip none of you asked for, but I will provide anyway. My fourth graders were happily engaged in some work on their Chromebooks, where they practice their touch typing. One student made a comment about how she was still finding it difficult toContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: perfectionism (ick)”

T.O.T.Week: hi, jinks

I love a bit of hijinks. Quick definition: boisterous fun, carefree antics, ‘horseplay.’ A hijinks feels just wacky enough to be head stupefying, but never fully crosses the line. It is capable of receiving that ole shoulder shrug that coincides with, ‘eh, you only live once,’ yet it doesn’t garner any real trouble. Sure, inContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: hi, jinks”

T.O.T.Week: How It Works

There’s nothing like a smattering of random letters that sends my students off into a delightful frenzy. I gleefully (okay fine, mischievously) post an acronym on our daily schedule to build anticipation for the activity or lesson to come. “Ms. Tell, what does that mean?!” (By the way, kids don’t actually want you to tellContinue reading “T.O.T.Week: How It Works”

“Huh… I’m reading a book just like that.”

My name is Stacy, and I have found myself articulating, repeating, and contemplating this statement in every sphere of my life. I’m a teacher of enthusiastic fourth grade minds. I’m a reader of books and of blogs. I’m a Master’s graduate who studied literature and was then graded on it! I’m a friend to thoseContinue reading ““Huh… I’m reading a book just like that.””