T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings

I won’t lie, this one freaked me out a bit. Eggers write a dystopian novel about a girl named Mae who joins an Internet company, placing a spotlight on privacy, communication, and social media. Yet some of it didn’t feel so far from reality… what we choose to put out there in the world and our reliance on the Internet today is definitely worth the conversation.

📖 As the story continues, Mae barely tears her eyes away from the screen. Embrace the outdoors and pair this with picture book The Couch Potato by Joey John and Pete Oswald!

📖 Privacy is definitely a topic of conversation to be had amongst our pre-teens and adolescents, so Posted by John David Anderson has a different but still relevant twist on what happens when we share… or overshare…

📖 I read MT Anderson’s YA dystopian novel Feed a while ago, and couldn’t help but see some similarities implemented (pun intended) between these two texts. Highly recommend!

This book is a pure delight. Based on a real life encounter where Sophie Blackall came across a dilapidated farmhouse, a story was born. The photos are lush and the writing is spectacular. I want more!

📖If siblings coexisting within a singular space appeals to you, pair this with middle grade The Vanderbeeker series by Karina Yan Glaser!

📖 Looking for a prose novel about coming back home and all the complicated feelings that can come with that? Pair this with Candice Iloh’s YA novel Break This House!

📖 The generational impact of life on a farm (or in a farmhouse) made me immediately think of Christina Baker Kline’s adult novel A Piece of the World to pair this with!

Growing Pangs, a middle grade graphic novel, is a vulnerable, relatable portrayal of a homeschooled sixth grader entering formal school (with all its ups and downs). I thought this was a great read!

📖 If you want to pair this with another story where the protagonist shifts from homeschool to more formal schooling experiences, pair this with early reader Heidi Heckelbeck Has A Secret by Wanda Coven!

📖 Katie struggles with a bit of OCD tendencies, so pair this with YA novel Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone for some thoughtful storytelling surrounding this topic.

📖 We love a graphic novel around here, and what better than to pair this with adult graphic Chef’s Kiss? This book by Jarrett Melendez, Danica Brine, Hank Jones, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou proves what we’ve all kind of always known… that no matter what the age, we’re never really done going through the growing pangs!

Ooh this YA novel was chilling, from its thriller stylistic choices to its deeper meaning focused on grief, inclusion, and expectations. I loved every bit of The Honeys by Ryan La Sala!

📖 If you like the background of a privileged summer camp for your thriller needs, pair this with Riley Sagar’s adult novel The Last Time I Lied!

📖 A highly engaging gender-fluid character that deals with real AND metaphorical monsters? Pair this with Pet by Akwaeke Emezi!

📖 Grief is a hard topic for anyone, but especially with young ones. Where Do They Go? by Julia Alvarez is a picture book that answers and asks all the questions to get the conversation going!

Around this time last year, I visited my good friend Steph in Brooklyn Heights and marveled at the name of her street named Cranberry. Imagine my delight as I went for a morning run and noticed other citrusy vibes on the streets of Brooklyn. This book captured the essence I carried with me that day in late spring – light, full of opportunity, and mystique behind those large Brooklyn townhouses oozing with wealth and secrets. This is a lighthearted must!

📖 If you appreciate a romp with the rich, pair this with YA series The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes!

📖 I’m sure I’ve recommended them before, but nothing jogs my memory of New York sibling escapades than the Vanderbeeker books by middle grade author Karina Yan Glaser!

📖 Is There Really A Human Race? is a picture book by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell that provides a light introduction into how we can use our various privileges to make the world a better place.

This picture book is a visual and storytelling masterpiece, and I do not at all say that hyperbolically. This is the story of a girl and her grandmother and their respect for the land that gives them berries (and so much more). I’m a strawberry gal myself. You?

📖 I love a grandparent, and intergenerational stories resonate profoundly in Indigenous storytelling. Pair this with YA book Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley!

📖 The Girl From Earth’s End is a lovely middle grade novel about appreciation of land and deeply rooted (pun intended) ties. I’d definitely pair this with it!

📖 With land comes stories, and no book knows that legacy more than adult novel The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson!

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