T.O.T.Week: this week’s pairings

A-Okay by Jarad Greene is incredibly sweet, a genuine coming-of-age middle grade story with for everyone who’s ever experienced the awkwardness of growing up. So yes, you.

📖 If you want to embrace all that makes you unique, pair this with picture book Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival!

📖 Want to pair this with another coming-of-age story with an ace protagonist at its heart? Pair this with Alice Osman’s YA graphic novel Loveless!

📖 Acne. It’s brutal and it’s real. It’s also the name of the adult book I’m pairing this with as both characters confront those pimply peeves. It’s by Laura Chinn (yes, no pun intended)!

My goodness did I love this YA book, Love is a Revolution by Renée Watson. I wanted to stay on the streets of Harlem with Nala long after the story concluded. As she navigates her first romantic relationship, Nala comes to realize that what actually needs to come first is love for herself. I loved all of the characters, with a special shout out to the folks at her grandmother’s nursing home. It’s big and beautiful and you’ll read it in one sitting!

📖 On the lookout for more inclusive and empowering stories about beauty? Pair this with middle grade graphic novel The Prettiest by Brigit Young!

📖 Speaking to self-love comes right from the start, so pair this for your youngest readers with I Am Love by Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds!

📖 We should be seeing far more representation of confident and engaging plus-sized protagonists, so pair this with another fun one – adult novel The Accidental Pin Up by Danielle Jackson!

This book is simple and sweet, as we follow curmudgeon bookstore owner AJ, who takes in a baby that’s been left in his store. He soon realizes that to become a father takes a village, and what a fun and eclectic group of “villagers” that is! It’ll make you smile, it’ll make you tear, and it’ll make you want to pick up a book.

📖 Bookstores make for the best story settings, so pair this with picture book Love in the Library by Maggie Tokyo’s-Hall!

📖 If you’re seeking the perfect blend of realistic fiction with a dash of “who-dunnit” mystery, pair this with middle grade novel When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead!

📖 Life in a small town can feel VERY small, but it can also teach you so much about who you are. Pair this with YA novel The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen and that vibe will continue!

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