T.O.T.Week: modern retellings

I’m back! Seventeen student narrative reports later, I am thrilled to shift my focus back to these blog posts. However, I will credit the old saying that you never know where inspiration will strike, because this T.O.T.Week is a direct result of the books some of my students have been reading!

When it’s done well, I love a modern retelling. I know there’s always a craving for original IP (do I listen to culture podcasts or what?), but a unique perspective or thoughtful twist on a beloved tale can be hard to resist. There’s the iconic ‘story behind the villain’ that draws empathy for a once antagonistic character. There’s the important discourse to be had about societal norms then and now. There’s also a naturally reignited interest in a story that allows different age levels to connect. I know, it’s like these books were literally made for samepagebookblog. I smile every time I see one of my fourth graders clutching graphic novels of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, because I am immediately transported back to visualizing the watercolor cover of the original Little Women that I used to devour. I’m so excited to share these four stories if not solely for nostalgia, but for renewed engagement and enjoyment!

I’m going to go book my Spielberg West Side Story tickets now, just in case you thought this interest only applied to books…

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal by Paul Fleischman (Cinderella)

Pride by Ibi Zoboi (Pride and Prejudice)

The Hours by Michael Cunningham (Virginia Woolf)

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