T.O.T.Week: How It Works

There’s nothing like a smattering of random letters that sends my students off into a delightful frenzy. I gleefully (okay fine, mischievously) post an acronym on our daily schedule to build anticipation for the activity or lesson to come. “Ms. Tell, what does that mean?!” (By the way, kids don’t actually want you to tell them what it means. The delicious suspense of the guess is the real fun, and they know it. Don’t fall for it.) I also know that, the precocious bunch that they are, they would take one look at T.O.T. and inform me that they are of double digit age, excuse you… and NOT tots. But, I digress…

T.O.T.Week stands for Theme Of The Week. Every week, my objective is to provide book titles that fall within this particular theme or topic, but that also span a variety of age levels. This is the part that truly sets my heart all aflutter. If your cousin in second grade is enjoying a chapter book that explores gender stereotypes, HOW COOL would it be to share that your father’s best friend’s sister’s boss (it could happen!) is also reading a book that explores gender stereotypes? Sure, I recognize that one’s definition of cool might not completely align with my own, but hey, you’re on this blog, aren’t you?

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